A Delicious Blend: High Tea Fun at Minute Bakery

A delightful afternoon filled with tasty treats and good company. That's what our high tea at Minute Bakery is all about! We've mixed the fancy English high tea with yummy south asian flavours to make something really special. You can join us on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for a high tea experience you won't forget.

Yummy Food: The Menu

Our high tea at Minute Bakery is more than just food – it's a mix of flavours that come together in a tasty way. We've picked out a bunch of delicious things for you to enjoy.

Delicious Snacks

We start with some tasty snacks. You'll love our Chicken and Spinach Puff Pastries. They're like little parcels of yumminess, with chicken and spinach inside flaky pastry. And then there are Finger Sandwiches. They're small sandwiches with different fillings, from simple cucumber to yummy Indian flavours.


Scones: Tasty Tradition

Next, we have something traditional and yummy: scones! These scones are light and crumbly, and they smell amazing. You can spread clotted cream and fruity raspberry preserves on them – it's so tasty!

Delightful Lemon Tarts

Ah, the zesty and sweet Lemon Tarts! These are a special treat that brings a burst of flavor to our high tea. Imagine a buttery, crumbly crust filled with tangy and smooth lemon filling – it's a taste of sunshine in every bite. Our Lemon Tarts are a delightful addition to the menu, adding a bright and refreshing note to your high tea experience.

lemon tarts

Sweet Treats

Now, get ready for something sweet! Our Sweet Treats are a mix of English and Indian sweets that will make you smile. We have Mini Red Velvet Cakes that are so pretty and delicious with creamy frosting. And don't forget our cookies – they're different flavours and so good.

hightea spread

Tea Time Fun

You can't have high tea without tea, right? We have lots of different teas to choose from. Some have flowery tastes, some are fruity, and some are like the tea you know. There are even special Indian teas like Chai and Kashmiri Pink Tea.

Here are some flavours of tea we serve 

  • chai latte
  • pink kashmiri milk tea
  • earl grey
  • Loose blends (varies)


Our high tea at Minute Bakery is a mix of yummy food, good tea, and a fun time. You can join us on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to enjoy these tasty treats. It's a special experience that brings together different flavours and cultures. So come on over and have a great time with us! reservation can be made by going to here


platter with high tea goodies
Written by Staff Minutebakery
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